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We are a Nordic based design company founded in 2010 that make furniture for retailers around the world. We excel at transforming ideas, designs and needs of our customers into carefully manufactured products. 

We design furniture that tab into current and upcoming trends fusing Scandinavian design with Asian efficiency. Our designs are affordable, durable and of high quality. 

Sustainability is a hygiene factor in our world. We are FSC and OEKO-TEX certified and believe in making a difference within our industry and for our customers.

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We design furniture that tab into current and upcoming trends. We work closely with our clients in the design process. Along with our current range we design new furniture based on our clients input and specific market needs.


We provide our customers with a mediakit that allow them to announce and trade new products before the they arrive at their warehouse. We have an inhouse photo studio and a 3D development department that also helps our clients boost specific products with new pictures/settings in case they need to clear stock or promote a bestseller.


Quality through the whole value chain is essential for us. We have our own quality controllers on site at the factories we work with around the world. This is to ensure the highest quality of our products on-site before orders are shipped.


We always provide a high level of service and work with clients that see us more like a partner than a supplier. We thrive to be part of every process in the value chain, and we even have a in house after sales service that help customers in need.

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